Large Local Reaction: How Do You Manage Your Insect Sting?

Although most individuals experience minor reactions to ant, bee, and wasp stings, some insect stings can cause large local reactions in other adults and children. Large local reactions usually occur within 48 to 72 hours following an insect sting, or the reactions can occur sooner. If you experience severe pain, extensive swelling, or overwhelming itching in or around your insect bite several days after a sting, follow the tips below to soothe your symptoms. [Read More]

Four Benefits Of Family Medical Care

When couples decide to have children, they need to look for a primary care doctor to tend to their children's needs. Often, this means finding a pediatrician. While pediatricians offer excellent medical care, another option is to select a family doctor. If you are expecting a child, or if you already have children, here are a few reasons to consider family medical care instead of separate doctors for you and your little ones. [Read More]

Staying Healthy With The Use Of Natural Health Products

Past generations of people have used the active ingredients found in natural health products to treat all manner of medical conditions. People who are 80 years and older tell stories of how their parents would simply go to their backyard gardens and pluck herbal leaves, boil them in water, and then drink the solution for fever, colds and associated coughs. Nowadays, many people are more inclined to think about using herbs and other natural products as opposed to heavily relying on prescription pills. [Read More]

Perfect IV Medication Administration Every Time: How It's Done, And Benefits To Doing It This Way

When you need your medication via IV, the last thing you want is to get too little or too much medication at any one time. Since technology is moving forward in so many fields, getting exactly the right amount of IV medication every time has become a refined art. In fact, medical equipment like the Baxter Smart IV pump makes it really easy to administer and self-administer the correct dose every time. [Read More]