Perfect IV Medication Administration Every Time: How It's Done, And Benefits To Doing It This Way

When you need your medication via IV, the last thing you want is to get too little or too much medication at any one time. Since technology is moving forward in so many fields, getting exactly the right amount of IV medication every time has become a refined art. In fact, medical equipment like the Baxter Smart IV pump makes it really easy to administer and self-administer the correct dose every time. [Read More]

What Is A Toxicological Risk Assessment?

Professionals use toxicological risk assessments to determine any potential health risks associated with medical devices and drugs. The assessment helps companies decide if their products present a potential toxicological risk. For instance, a government agency may order a toxicological risk assessment before allowing the use of certain chemicals or medications for public use. The government wants to understand what potential health and environmental risks the substance may pose. Identifying Hazards [Read More]

3 Strategies To Getting Dental Implants

When you're looking into getting the most out of your dentistry, it's important that you consider getting dental implants if you need them. There are a number of dental professionals that install implants, and you can get their help when you decide to book an appointment. However, it's important that you learn all you can about dental implants before taking any further steps. To learn a bit more about dental implants, read on. [Read More]

4 Adjustments To Make To Your Home To Make It More Handicapped Accessible

If you have someone in your home or life that has a physical handicap, and they live or visit your home often, there are numerous adjustments that you can make to your home to make it more accessible and easy for them to get around in your home. Change the Toilet The bathroom is the one area of your home that everyone needs to use, so it make sense to make adjustments to that area of your home first. [Read More]